The Farmer Project
  • Director: Bruno Aveillan
  • Filming Location: Near Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Shooting Date: June 2008
  • First Broadcast: 09 January 2009 (internet)
  • Duration: 13'19

In an imaginary country, in the middle of the night, two corrupt policemen are surprised by the sudden appearance of a luminescent creature. While this one takes on a human appearance, the two companions panic and violently neutralize the humanoid ...

The creature wakes up,  prisoner in a sordid military hospital. While researchers are preparing to carry out a series of examinations on her, she frees herself from her ties. Incredulous at first, his jailers pull themselves together and try to master it. But with the use of physical force, the creature responds by using strange powers that transform aggression into sensual energy ...

Little by little the wave of love lavished by the alien spreads and breaks. The creature then moves  away into the corridors of the hospital and discovers an experimental laboratory on animals. Deeply shocked by so much suffering and injustice, she uses her benefactor powers to heal and then release the animals.