Debut (1984 - 1989)

Meeting fellow Cours Florent student Laurent Boutonnat, Farmer made her recording debut as a pop singer with "Maman a Tort" in 1984. "Maman a Tort" was the first of many Farmer songs composed by Boutonnat, who also directed a risqué video starring Farmer as a Lolita figure in a revealing nightgown. More singles followed, and Farmer eventually scored her first Top Ten hit with "Libertine" in 1986. "Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces," another provocative song with an epic video that ran for nearly 20 minutes and coupled French history with sex and death. As with subsequent albums, all the lyrics of Ainsi Soit Je... were written by Farmer while Boutonnat composed the music and directed the videos. In addition to her recording output, Farmer established herself right away as a dramatic concert performer, releasing the first of many live albums with En Concert in 1989.  

L'Autre... and Désenchantée (1990 - 1992)

Mylène devoted almost the whole of 1990 to her work in the studio, recording ten new songs for her album "L'autre", which was finally released on April 1991. Boutonnat recreated his special magic once again in the spectacular videos accompanying Désenchantée, Regrets, Je t'aime mélancolie and Beyond My Control. The video for the latter was banned from French TV screens. However, censors deeming it too violent and shocking for viewers. Mylène followed the album with a hugely successful tour, which attracted tens of thousands of fans. Encouraged by this success, Mylène released an exclusive compilation album in November 1992, featuring dance remixes of her greatest hits.   

Giorgino (1992 - 1994)

In the winter of 92/93 Mylène Farmer set off for Slovakia with Laurent Boutonnat to star in his first feature film "Giorgino". The pair spent five long hard months, trudging through the snow and working under terrible circumstances, Mylène throwing herself body and soul into her role as a young artist. Accustomed as she was to pull off phenomenal record sales with the greatest of ease and performing sell-out tours across France, Mylène was totally unprepared for her first failure. When "Giorgino" hit the cinema screens on October 4, 1994, Boutonnat's film proved to be a spectacular flop.  

Anamorphosee (1995 - 1997)

Anamorphosée, which was released in France 1995, revealed a new-style. Mylène's new material was more rock-oriented, featuring a much more energetic, electric guitar sound. The cover of the new album showed that Mylène's image had also undergone a radical transformation. The portrait on the album cover, taken by the famous American photographer Herb Ritts, showed a new-look. Mylène left the ambiguous Lolita image of her old days behind and gone for a more mature leather look. Mylène's videos had also undergone a radical transformation. After the spectacular flop of "Giorgino", Mylène's new videos were no longer placed under the artistic direction of Laurent Boutonnat. They were shot instead by top American film directors such as Abel Ferrara who made the video for "California".  

Innamoramento and Mylenium (1998 - 2000)

Mylène was back in the music news in 1999 with a new album entitled "Innamoramento". The album for which Mylène penned all the lyrics herself practically and wrote 5 of the 13 tracks. The first two single releases, "l'Ame stram gram" and "Souviens-toi du jour", went straight to the top of the French charts, boosting sales of "Innamoramento" which went on to sell almost a million copies. Later that year Mylène set off on her famous "Mylenium Tour", performing a series of lavish over-the-top stage shows up and down the country. The concerts attracted thousands of committed Mylène fans who turned out in force to see their idol dressed in sexy/futurist stage garb, emerging from the head of a giant Sphinx and breaking into a superbly-choreographed work-outs! Mylène went back into the music news in January 2000, scooping three of the top prizes at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes. Greeted by rapturous applause from the audience, the singer sobbed her way through her acceptance speech amidst a flash of camera bulbs. At the end of 2000, after long months spent on the road for the sake of her "Mylenium Tour", she released a live album featuring highlights from this enormous show.  

Alizee & Lets Mots (2000 - 2004)

Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat had assembled some songs and video ideas they felt appropriate for a younger, new star. Alizée a French singer, born in Ajaccio, Corsica, entered the music business in the year 2000. She released two studio albums, composed by Laurent Boutonnat and written by Mylène Farmer. Her first album was Gourmandises, which received Platinum certification within three months of release. January 2002 Mylène went on to triumph at the NRJ Music Awards, carrying off the trophy for Best Female Francophone Artist of the Year. Shortly afterwards French daily Figaro Entre-prises published a report on 14 February 2002, naming Mylène Farmer as the French artist who had made the most revenue from copyright in 2001, earning 10.4 million euros as a singer, songwriter, composer and producer of young French talent Alizée. That same year she received the "Platinum Europe Award" at the Europe Awards for her million-selling Best Of. And the following year, she was named Best Francophone Artist of the year at the NRJ Music Awards.  

Avant que L'ombre... (2004 - 2006)

Fuck them all, was the first single from her latest studio album "Avant Que L'ombre". All her key themes are to be found here: death, spirituality but also love and sex. Mylène Farmer wrote all the lyrics, to music by the ever faithful Laurent Boutonnat. Although always discreet when it comes to promoting her album, Mylène Farmer announced 13 concert dates in January 2006 at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, all of which were quickly booked up. Returning to the stage in January 2006 for 13 dates in Paris Bercy, with the final date being January 29 Mylène stated that she could not tour the country due to the complex sets built for the performances. She has released a new live album with a new DVD concert, Avant Que L'ombre and recorded a single with Moby, "Slipping Away" which was published in September 2006 and became her fourth number one single in France.  

Point de Suture (2008 - 2010)

The album, Point de Suture, followed suit debuting at Nº1 with over 100 000 copies sold in its first week in France. The electronic-driven album continues in the vein of Farmer's previous work, featuring a mix of ballads and upbeat, synth-driven pop songs. Farmer's next four singles from the album, "Appelle mon numéro", "Si j'avais au moins...", "C'est dans l'air" and "Sextonik", all became No.1 hits in France, Farmer beating her own record. Farmer then had a record of nine No.1 hits in France, more than any other artist in French music history. It is also the first time that all five singles from her album became No.1 hits. In 2008, Farmer announced a new protégée in the vein of Alizée: Lisa, Farmer's niece. Her lead single, "Drole de creepie", was released in September 2008, produced and written by Boutonnat and Farmer. The song accompanied the hit children's series, Growing Up Creepie, and the video depicts Lisa dressed as Creepie Creecher. Unlike Farmer & Boutonnat's previous side-projects, Lisa is marketed primarily to children. Farmer's sold-out tour began in May 2009 in Nice and ended in September 2009 in Brussels, gathering extremely positive response from the critics. She also gave two concerts at the Stade de France, as well as other concerts in Russia, Belgium and Switzerland. A new live album documenting her 2009 tour, N°5 on Tour, was released in December 2009 and hit No.1 position in the charts, becoming double-platinum in its first week of release. A DVD of her Stade de France concerts followed on 12 April 2010, becoming instantly Diamond.  

Bleu Noir (2010 - 2011)

In 2010, the media reported that Mylène Farmer would work with Line Renaud and Ben Harper in their respective new releases. After thirty years of absence, Line Renaud released her new album in November 2010, which contains "C'est pas l'heure," a duet with Farmer, written by Farmer and Boutonnat. Also in November, Australian band INXS released the album Original Sin as a tribute to the late Michael Hutchence. Farmer covered "Never Tear Us Apart" with Ben Harper, featuring new lyrics in French written. It was announced surprisingly on 27 September 2010 that Farmer would be releasing a new single "Oui mais... non" to lead her next album. Unlike all the previous musical works by Farmer, Boutonnat was not included in the production or composition. Instead Farmer hired RedOne, known for his work with Lady Gaga to produce and write the music for the single. "Oui mais... non" was released to digital downloading markets on 11 October and hit No.1 on the French charts. Considering the music market crisis, it's her most successful single since 2002. This also makes her the only French singer to have number-one hits in four consecutive decades. The following singles, "Bleu Noir" and "Lonely Lisa", hit the top of the charts too, expanding her record with twelve No.1 singles. The album Bleu Noir was released on 6 December 2010, produced by Farmer, RedOne, Moby and Archive. It entered the French album chart at No.1 and remained at the top for three consecutive weeks. It topped the 9th position in the French 2010 charts, with more than 300,000 copies sold in three weeks. It has sold so far over 600,000 copies, reaching Diamond status, within three months of its release.  

Monkey Me (2011 - 2014)

Farmer's 2nd hits collection entitled 2001-2011 was released in late 2011, featuring all of her hit singles recorded since Les Mots. Early 2012, she said that she was recording an album which was to be released in late 2012. The upcoming new single, "A L'Ombre" will have its radio premiere on 22 October 2012. The single reached number four in French singles chart. The album will be called Monkey Me. Her new tour, Timeless 2013, will debut in September 2013. Nearly 200,000 tickets were sold on the first day. More than 500,000 people in total attended the tour. The live album of the tour was released in December, selling more than 100,000 copies in two weeks. An eponymous film shot in widescreen during the shows in Lyon will premiere in French cinemas on March 27. Mylène Farmer is said to be preparing an album with British rock band Muse.  

Interstellaires (2015)

May 15, 2015, Fragile, a photo-book by Sylvie Lancrenon, was published. It included 90 photos of Farmer taken by Lancrenon. In August, a new site was launched, announcing new material from Farmer. The first single to be released was "Stolen Car", a duet with Sting, who originally recorded the song on his 2003 album Sacred Love. The single reached #1 on the French singles chart. On September 18, French magazine Gala announced Farmer's upcoming studio album title as being Interstellaires. It was then officially confirmed on September 16 by Farmer's record label, Polydor on its Facebook page. Another site was then launched with a timer set to the album release date. The album was released in November, becoming Farmer's 12th number one album in France. Farmer signed a new record deal with Sony Music Entertainment, leaving her previous label, Universal. The new record deal confirms that she is releasing a new album.  

Désobéissance (2018 - 2020)

January 19 2018, "Rolling Stone" was released and entered the French charts at number one. The video was directed by Carole Denis. A new album was announced for fall. June 22, a duet with LP, "N'oublie pas", was released, also entering the French charts at number one. The song was co-written by LP, and the video, set in Iceland, was directed by Laurent Boutonnat.